Bolivia receives Pro Tempore Presidency on UNASUR day

Foreign Ministers Fernando Huanacuni and Jorge Faurie. Photo: Cancillería de Bolivia

Foreign Ministers Fernando Huanacuni and Jorge Faurie held a meeting in Lima, where the Summit of the Americas was taking place, to transfer the UNASUR Pro Tempore Presidency, which since April 2017 was presided over by President Mauricio Macri.



Bolivia assumed the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Union of South American Nations and, consequently, of the Health Council on April 17, when UNASUR Day is celebrated. Bolivia succeeds Argentina in the presidency of the bloc with the challenge of advancing in South American citizenship. The transfer ceremony, attended by Foreign Ministers Fernando Huanacuni and Jorge Faurie was held in Lima, Peru, on April 12.

“We have challenges, such as the appointment of the General Secretary, the establishment of the South American Parliament, physical and energy integration, as well as the advancement of South American citizenship,” said Huanacuni. He also stressed that the management will be characterized by the principles the “culture of peace, life and articulation in diversity”.

In April 2017, the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, took office, now he leaves the maximum representation of UNASUR to President Evo Morales. The Bolivian government has approved a budget of about US $ 600,000 to prepare, convene and chair the regional bloc meetings.

With information of La Razón