Health to the South - April/2018 Issue

70 years after the creation of the world’s first Health System, in England, our expert Felix Rigoli poses the question: How is the Welfare State doing? Rigoli emphasizes the importance of strengthening social protection in South America and in the world.

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Universalizing health systems, integrating people in a solidary society, and integrating countries within a solidarity region: the challenges of a better life for all.

South America, despite being a region with wide inequalities, has managed to dream of giving access to health services for all. Until two decades ago, having health problems was a misfortune that led  between 5 and 15% of South American families to poverty.  Of course, not all were equally affected by these misfortunes, partly because better-off social […]


Where is the welfare state today?

Recently, a roundtable held at Chatham House brought together several world leaders, including Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director of the United Nations Development Program until 2017. She pointed to a very important, but often forgotten fact. When asked if universal health systems were a luxury only rich countries could afford, […]


Expert’s Corner: Information for Action, Disasters and Health in South America

The mitigation of the effects of natural disasters is a priority among the UNASUR public health initiatives, as well as to other mechanisms and institutions operating in the region. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) have developed initiatives aimed at strengthening their response capacities, including: “Protecting health from climate change”, […]


Medical use of marijuana changes paradigms in the region

Five of the twelve UNASUR countries already have regulations for the medical use, while other three are on the same path. In 2016, a total of 422.1 tons of morphine was produced in the world. The opioid is one of the most efficient analgesics and has the same origin of heroin and other variants of […]


#Infographics: Vaccination – The Fractures of a Social Pact

Early in 2018, the fatal footprint of the antivaccination movements and insufficient coverage became evident, be it in the form of outbreaks of eradicated diseases, be it in the low adhesion to the new campaigns. The phenomenon revived the debate between individual rights and collective responsibilities, in addition to the warning about the dissemination of […]


When the mother’s punishment is also that of her children

The ideal of motherhood and childhood as pictured in the social imaginary and the role of care that women play in societies does not match with the reality in prisons. However, that is the situation of thousands of women and children in the world and in South America. Motherhood, pregnancy and childhood behind bars are […]