ISAGS launches a new study on the interference of the food industry in the policies of labeling of processed foods


The Area of ​​Social Determination of Health of the South American Institute of Government in Health announces a new study: “Interference of the Food Industry in the Policies Innovative Graphic Labeling of Processed Foods in South America”.

The nutritional transition towards the consumption of industrially processed products with high contents of fats, sodium, sugars and calories is one of the elements involved in the XXI century obesity pandemic.

In South America, several countries have recently taken innovative food labeling initiatives as part of their plans to strengthen healthy eating, and the region has been a leader in the field in the world. The experiences of Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay offer important lessons for the entire region.

The team formed by Francisco Armada, Isabel Iturria Caamaño and Juan Bacigalupo indicates in this report that “various strategies of industry interference have been documented due to commercial interests contrary to the right to health and the development of healthy nutrition and food policies”.

To access the full study, click here.