ISAGS launches the Knowledge Platform for Health


It is the first digital source of its kind, containing information and data from all of South America.

The South American Institute of Government in Health (ISAGS), launched today its Knowledge Platform for Health , a virtual space, in three languages, in which there are reports, books, studies, courses, journalistic material and specialist references, among other tools on topics such as Primary Care, Health Surveillance, Public Purchases and Drug Shortages, Income Transfer Programs, as well as an unprecedented performance in the region in the field of Diplomacy in Health.

The Platform for Knowledge in Health compiles the results of the work we have been doing to strengthen health in the region,” says Carina Vance, Executive Director of ISAGS. “Generating, producing and disseminating critical, innovative and transformative knowledge of health policies and systems for the reduction of social inequalities is within our main strategies. We are convinced that a tool like this contributes to the democratization of access to knowledge and information in health “, concludes Vance.

Available through the website, the Knowledge Platform for Health contains:

  • The database Sur+ (Sur “MAS” – Monitoring of Health Asymmetries), a collection of information, statistical series, maps, graphics and news related to regional asymmetries and their health impacts in the South American region. Among the topics available are data on: health expenditures; human Resources; infant and maternal mortality.
  • Published studies such as: the situation of essential drugs at risk of shortages in South America; Unintended pregnancies in adolescents in the region; a mapping of intercultural health policies; among other researches published throughout 2018 and in previous years.
  • The magazine Health to the South: Digital publication of ISAGS that makes a cut based on the South American reality of the most outstanding issues for health. It has contributions from experts and authorities from various fields of Health, Development and Integration. All editions are available on the Platform.
  • Books published by the Institute, including: Health Systems in South America: challenges for universality, integrality and equity; Surveillance in Health in South America: epidemiological, health and environmental and Primary Health Care in South America.
  • Clinical Guidelines:With a view to offering technical cooperation to health professionals, the Clinical Guidelines of each country are tools for health authorities to give support to the clinical body in the rational use of medicines and technology, as well as support for the permanent search for quality of care and patient safety.


The South American Institute of Government in Health (ISAGS) is an intergovernmental organization based in Rio de Janeiro, founded in 2011 by the Council of Ministers of Health of the member countries of UNASUR (Union of South American Nations). Among its functions is the training of leaders, the generation and management of knowledge and technical support for Health Systems. The Institute generates knowledge through research, conducting workshops, seminars and studies, in addition to publishing books and a monthly magazine on topics related to Health and Development.


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