2017 Annual Report


Every year, in order to ensure the accountability before to the Ministries of Health of South America, the bodies of UNASUR and the general public, the Institute publishes a report with all the activities it carried out. This includes the events we organized or took part in, our studies and the agreements we signed to strengthen the region’s Health Diplomacy. This year, we redesign the format to make it more attractive and easier to read, without losing sight of transparency in the ISAGS information management.

The goal was to be very straight forward with the facts, with a focus on information. Thus, our readers will have data in an objective way, making it easier to find whatever they need to know when they consult it. On the other hand, we also chose to publish two versions, in Spanish and English (the two official working languages ​​of UNASUR), separately. The idea was to facilitate a more intuitive and schematic layout.

Beyond the most outstanding activities carried out by the Unit of Knowledge Management and Research (UGECOIN), the report features some of last year’s novelties, such as the Health Diplomacy Course in the Context of South American Integration, the cycle of debates Dialogues of the South, the Institute’s International Internship Program and the new ways we managed to spread the word about our work either in this magazine or in the social networks.

However, perhaps the great novelty of the publication is a chapter dedicated to the management changes promoted by the Unit of Administrative, Financial and Human Talent Unit (UAFTH) that were greatly facilitated by the approval of our headquarters agreement with Brazil last year. For instance, it yielded a 51%-saving in operating expenses and a 41%-saving in the costs of the events comparing to 2016, despite an increase in the activities carried out.