Argentina approved gynecological misoprostol for sale in pharmacies: A precedent for women in South America?

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70 years of Human Rights and health: reflections of a brief retrospective

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The 2018 G20 Leaders’ Summit and its health agenda

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ISAGS launches the Platform of Knowledge in Health

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The Mercosur and Associated States get a reduction of almost 70% in the purchase price of an essential drug

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Jaime Beilh: “Social determinants produce knowledge about relationships that expose the profound inequity that exists in health”

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From Alma-Ata to Astana: the Declaration that shows what is in dispute

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End TB strategy: great challenges to conquer

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Universal Access to Essential Medicines: Recent South American Experiences and Challenges for the Region

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Population aging challenges

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Health is a bridge to peace and the development of peoples

ISAGS is a center of high studies and public policy that debates and contributes to the development of Health Governance and Leadership in the countries of South America.

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Health Diplomacy

Health Council

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