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PAHO 56th Directing Council Starts in Washington D.C.

The Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) 56th Directing Council takes place at their headquarters in Washington D.C., USA, between September 23th and 27th. the region’s Health Ministers and high authorities of the countries are gathered in this important event, with the aim of analyzing a series of plans that concentrate the challenges for the region […]


ISAGS Associated Researchers Program

ISAGS is pleased to announce today the launch of the Associated Researchers Program, which was created as an opportunity for knowledge exchange to independent researchers in the collective health area for South America, with the aim of contributing the research developed at the Institute. The selection process takes place by means of an invitation from ISAGS, which […]


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Information and Communication Analyst

  The professional will develop communication strategies, maintain the Institute’s communication tools, as well as exercising reporter functions and developing tasks in the field of institutional relations and inter-institutional organizations, under the supervision of the Communication & Information  Coordinator. Dates for applications: September 14th to 24th, 2018 Required experience: Three (3) years of professional experience in […]


Results: ISAGS Health Specialists Call

ISAGS has received 63 applications for two Health Specialist positions available. After an evaluation of merits, the following candidates have been selected to participate in the interviews, which is the next stage of the process: It should be noted that, according to the call for resumes, only candidates who have submitted the complete physical or […]


Publication of results of compliance with the requirements of the process public call to the position of specialist

The pre-selection consisted of verifying fulfillment with the minimum requirements established in the call. Preselected candidates:   Specialist of Health Systems and Services  Sebastián Tobar María Graciela Abriata Maria Alejandra Farias Emanuelly Paulino Soares Ana Maria Costa Juliana Carrijo Melo Maluf Fabiano Tonaco Borges Heitor Franco Werneck Camila Alves Bahia Osvaldo Salgado Zepeda Liliana María […]


ISAGS is recruiting Health Specialists

An open selection process will select two health specialists for the Institute, who will carry out research and other activities in the fields of Social Determinants of Health and Health Systems and Services. The minimum requirements for the position include being a national of an UNASUR member State, 5-year professional experience, including three years in […]