The 2018 Annual Operative Plan of ISAGS is under way


Every year, ISAGS submits to its Directing Council the work proposals for the following year. It’s the so-called Annual Operative Plan (POA 2018), which gathers and systematizes the main initiatives that will be carried out by the Institute’s different areas of action.

“After an excellent year of activities and a good regional positioning in 2017, we will continue to analyze and disseminate the most important issues of Health in South America, as well as to work alongside regional integration processes to achieve a healthier and less unequal region”, affirms the Executive Director of the Institute, Carina Vance.

New projects of the areas of ISAGS

In 2018, a project that stands out is a research on the risks, threats, vulnerability and epidemiological impacts of climate change in South America. Coordinated by our specialist in Health Surveillance, Eduardo Hage, this project entails a publication with the results, in addition to a face-to-face workshop at the Institute’s headquarters. The area will also support the Risk and Disaster Management Network in the implementation of its Action Plan.

The area of ​​Medicines and Health Technologies, coordinated by Angela Acosta, will host a workshop on the relevance and contributions of the evaluation of health technologies in the update of the national basic lists of medicines. It will also publish a study on processes and approaches to judicialization of medicines in the region. For its part, the area of ​​Social Determination of Health, coordinated by Francisco Armada, will focus on a research about the barriers to the promotion of innovative health eating policies. It will also launch a technical publication on the mechanisms of social participation in Health in South America.

Our specialist in Health Systems and Services, Félix Rígoli, will coordinate the implementation of a new virtual data platform on asymmetries in the region’s health systems. The new data query and search mechanism will be available on the new ISAGS website (which is another project approved in the 2018 POA). He will also host a regional workshop on the Strengthening of Integrated Health Services Networks, in addition to continuing to promote capacity building supporting the region’s Human Resources Policy Guidelines.

The actions and goals proposed for the other ISAGS units were also approved. After a successful course on Health Diplomacy, offered to ministry officials of UNASUR countries, ISAGS will develop a new virtual course: the South American Course on Government in Health, which will also be coordinated by the International Relations area. The area of ​​Communication will continue to generate, produce and disseminate knowledge and will also develop a virtual Seminar on Communication in Health.

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