Course on Health Diplomacy in the Context of the South American Integration

With the mission of developing a program for the region aimed at strengthening capacities and relationships between ISAGS and the International Relations offices of the Ministries of Health of the UNASUR countries, the Institute organized and launched the first Virtual Diplomacy Course of the Salud, along with Fiocruz, the International Relations area of ​​FLACSO-Argentina and the Network of Offices of International Relations and International Cooperation in Health of UNASUR (REDSSUR-ORIS).


The course was offered to 60 participants, including officials from the Ministries of Health, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other government agencies, who received guidance from 6 specialized tutors during 21 classes transmitted through our online platform, totaling 100 hours during the second half of the year. In addition, a face-to-face session was held at the headquarters of ISAGS, with a master class of the Ambassador and former Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim.


Now, the Course is available for everyone!


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Opening Session




Below, in the section ‘News’, you may find the Course’s modules.



Module 1 – Conceptualization

Concepts related to Globalization, Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid in the framework of Health Diplomacy.


Module 2 – Governance of Global Health

Concepts related to the Governance of Global Health


Module 3 – Health Diplomacy

Health agenda in the Foreign Policy.


Module 4 – Mapping of International Players

Mapping of the main Global Health players


Module 5 – “Toolbox” for Diplomacy & Cooperation in UNASUR

Data and information on Health Diplomacy in the framework of UNASUR


Module 6 – Strengthening of the ORIS in the regional integration in health processes

Officials of the Health Ministries’ International Relations departments in the region share their experiences.