Structuring Networks


The Network of Technical Health Schools of UNASUR (RETS) is an articulation between institutions and organizations involved with the training and qualification of technical personnel in the health sector. It is integrated by government agencies responsible for formulating policies for the education of health technicians and for educational institutions that carry out training programs for technical health workers indicated by the Ministries of Health of the member states. Its general aim is “to strengthen the area of training of technical health workers in the member countries of UNASUR through the exchange of experiences and the development of technical cooperation.”

Executive Secretariat: Brazil - Polytechnic School Joaquim Venancio (FIOCRUZ)

Executive Secretariat: Brazil - Polytechnic School Joaquim Venancio (FIOCRUZ)



Consultative Council gathers to propose an agenda for 2019

The ISAGS Consultative Council met between April 11 and 12 at the Institute’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, to discuss and propose actions for the next year of work. Representatives from 8 UNASUR countries, including members of the ministries, technical groups and structuring networks of the South American Health Council, as well as ISAGS officials […]


RESP debates the strengthening of public health education in the region of UNASUR

Representatives from Public Health Institutions of the Bloc, RETS and ISAGS have attended the meeting


UNASUR secretary-general gathers with members of ISAGS and the Structuring Networks of the Health Council

The meeting was held at the institute’s headquarters and addressed the role of Health in economic, political and social agendas of the bloc.