Structuring Networks


The Network of National Institutes and Institutions of Cancer (RINC) is a strategy of articulation and cooperation between public institutions in the member countries of UNASUR. Created in 2011, it is responsible for developing and/or executing policies and programs for cancer control in the region. At the moment, the Network is developing the Regional Cervical Cancer Control Plan.


The RINC is formed by the Management Board, the Technical Secretariat and the Operative Groups.


Management Board


Is the RINC’s deliberative body and is constituted by full and associated members. Each Management Board member’s term is decided by the country he/she represents.


Technical secretary


The Technical Secretariat provides technical and administrative support for the operation of the RINC. The Technical Secretariat is headed by a permanent Executive Manager, who is designated by the Coordinator of the RINC, and has a support structure of its own for the development of its functions.


Operative Groups


RINC Operative Groups are made up by experts and technicians of national or international, public or private, organizations of the countries of the UNASUR, Latin America and the Caribbean. They work in the different areas, such as advocacy, research or programs for cancer control.


Operative Group of Uterine Cervical Cancer Control


The Group aims to reduce the incidence and mortality from cervical cancer in the countries of the UNASUR region and in the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean by developing effective early detection strategies and adequate monitoring and treatment, measures that correspond to the basic purposes for cancer control proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Operative Group of Tumor Banks


Since 2008, it contributes as a Biobanks Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (REBLAC) to the implantation of tumor banks in institutions linked to the fight against cancer; establishes actions to harmonize specific tumor bank procedures; trains professionals linked to tumor banks and sets up ethical and legal guidelines for the establishment of biobanks for research purposes in Latin American and Caribbean countries. The Group joined RINC in September 2011.


Operative Group of Cancer Registry


It develops a model for the dissemination of information about cancer, originated from the different Information Systems – especially the Cancer Registries of the countries that are part of RINC.


Operative Group of Social Communication


Communication is an increasingly important component in cancer control actions and it is characterized by its transversality in the activities of the Network’s Operative Groups.


Breast Cancer Control Operative Group


A survey is currently being carried out on the disease situation in the region that will serve as a basis for the development of the actions of this Operative Group.


Executive Secretariat: Brazil –National Institute of Cancer

Executive Secretariat: Brazil –National Institute of Cancer

Coordination: Uruguay




A South America without cervical cancer is possible

  UNASUR institutions developed a platform to exchange experiences and assistance for the prevention and control the disease in the region.   Cervical cancer (CC) is the only tumor for which there is scientific knowledge and effective solutions that allow interventions at all stages. This makes it possible to not only reduce its mortality rate, […]


Consultative Council gathers to propose an agenda for 2019

The ISAGS Consultative Council met between April 11 and 12 at the Institute’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, to discuss and propose actions for the next year of work. Representatives from 8 UNASUR countries, including members of the ministries, technical groups and structuring networks of the South American Health Council, as well as ISAGS officials […]


UNASUR, RINC and ISAGS kickstarted the creation of a prevention and control platform against Cervical Cancer

Despite being almost 100% preventable, the disease is the second most frequent malignant neoplasia in women of all ages in terms of incidence and mortality


UNASUR secretary-general gathers with members of ISAGS and the Structuring Networks of the Health Council

The meeting was held at the institute’s headquarters and addressed the role of Health in economic, political and social agendas of the bloc.


Uruguay takes over RINC/UNASUR´s coordination

Transfer of command was held during the meeting of the Network’s Management Board, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, on February 23 and 24


Meeting has maximized activities of the Technical Groups and Networks, says coordinator of Rinc

“Besides its institutional mission, the South American Institute of Government in Health (Isags), in promoting events, permits and stimulates connectivity in the Union of South American Nations (Unasur)”, said the coordinator of the Network of the National Cancer Institutes (Rinc), Luiz Antonio Santini, during the meeting of the Executive Secretariat of the Presidency Pro Tempore […]