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Entrevista: Juan Artola, Sociologist and Expert in International Relations

“The absence of an intercultural approach is one of the biggest and most negative generalized deficiencies that hinders access to documentation and information on the rights and duties of migrants as well as progress in their social and cultural integration”. As you read these lines, thousands of people cross South American bo...


Interview: Celso Amorim, UNITAID director

This year Ambassador Celso Amorim was elected director of UNITAID, a World Health Organisation initiative to encourage research into new ways of preventing, treating and diagnosing HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Previously, Amorim was Foreign Minister at the time Brazil decreed the compulsory licensing of Efavirenz. 1 – From t...


Interview: Cristian Suau, expert in sustainable urbanism

Born in Chile and currently based in Scotland, Cristian Suau holds PhD in Architecture (2001 European Honour Distinction) and a Master in Urban Design (1997) from the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). He completed three advanced postdoctoral studies in eco-design, experimental housing design and urban regeneration in Sweden, Norwa...


Interview - Winston Abascal, director of the International Cooperation Center on Tobacco Control

"The measures that protect the health of citizens are legitimate and should come from a sovereign decision. States should be able to regulate these issues whenever the measures taken are not arbitrary or discriminatory. And these ones are not."

Health to the South - May issue

Salud al Sur - May issue: WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM? - In the main note, private financing for global health actions is an issue that clearly highlights possible conflicts of interest between the guarantee of the right to health and the profit of private actors. EXPERTS CORNER - The specialist of the month is the Brazilian researcher Mariana Faria who talks about The Health Council of UNASUR and the construction of health sovereignty from the exercise of health diplomacy. HOW MUCH I...

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