ISAGS is recruiting: Case Studies - Healthy Aging

13-06-2017 - AUTHOR: ISAGS

ISAGS selects case studies on healthy aging in the region. The Institute will support projects with funding, documentation and dissemination.

As a center of high studies and debates in public policies, the South American Institute of Government in Health opens a selection of Case Studies on the theme Healthy Aging. Registration is open until July 23. ISAGS will choose three case studies on interventions in one of the countries of the South American region to support documentation and dissemination.

The Institute will support the processes of information gathering, publication and dissemination of case studies, as well as offering funding to complement existing resources in the selected research teams. This financial support will depend on the nature of the proposed research, its duration and the existence of other alternative sources of funding.

How to Apply

Candidates should send their expressions of interest until 9/7 to our Social Determinants of Health specialist, Francisco Armanda, by e-mail: The text should not contain more than 1500 words and include the following information:

- The policy or intervention: a summary of the policy or intervention on healthy aging, indicating the sectors involved;

- The strategy to document the case and the impact of the policy. The methodology, sources of information and data used in the research should be described;

- Brief description of required resources, available funding, specifying sources and need for ISAGS funding (up to 500 USD);

- General summary of lessons learned and expected;

- Brief description of the institution and researchers.


Expressions of interest may be presented in Spanish, English or Portuguese. The cases must be presented in Spanish or English, with a summary in the other language.

Selection Criteria

Cases will be selected based on their relevance, availability of funding, as well as the strengths of the researchers in the proposal. We hope to select up to five case studies. No more than one case will be selected for the same country. The call is open to researchers from the region with proven previous experience, particularly in public health research, health systems in South America and health economics; Linkages with universities and/or ministries of health is recommended.

Read the official convocation document here.

The objective is to characterize the aging process in the region with emphasis on the impact on health systems and strategies aimed at improving the living conditions of the adult population. The desired approach should emphasize the social, economic, cultural and political processes that contextualize the aging process corresponding to the policy selected to develop the case study.

Other information or questions should be sent to: